This will be my last post talking about Taylor. I feel as if there was a JM Fam, that I would be like the dad or the cool uncle I guess. I had a function at my church tonight that is a 30 minute drive from my house and right before I left I saw posts about Taylor passing away. In about August of 2011 I deleted my Tumblr cause some anon question made me furious and I was never coming back. Taylor was one of those people who really could make someone laugh and inspire you. She bugged me forever to bring my Tumblr back and when I did she was super excited cause she loved all my John Mayer posts. She messaged me for advice all the time like many people do when she and her boyfriend broke up and I just told her to hang in there and that life gets better. She would joke about having to spend half the year in one state and the other half in a GA, I would tease her about getting to celebrate Christmas and Hannukah, she was just a great kid. Whenever I would post one of my songs she always was the first to message me with a kind word. When I got my “I survive on the breath you are finished with” tattoo she went on and on about how cool it was and that, that was her favorite song. Anyway, I was really sad driving to my function that I was playing music at tonight and as usual i put a Mayer CD on to scream the lyrics to get my vocals going and get inspired. I have never ever listed to Paradise Valley the way that I did tonight. The music on that CD has a new meaning when you listen to it in the state of mind I was in. Paper doll came on with “Cut the cord and pull some strings, and make yourself some angel wings. And if those angel wings don’t fly, someones gonna paint you another sky.” I kind of lost it. Then this song came on: “So I keep running til my runnings gone, I keep riding til I see that dawn, and I will be found, I will be found.” and I couldn’t help but think about how much better it was that this tragedy didn’t happen before she got to see John in concert this year, and meet Zane, and have John answer one of her questions on his Q and A earlier this year. What a short, full life this kid lived. 

I hope all of you take something from this and live your life to it’s fullest. Dare to be different. Listen to the music you like LOUD, no matter who your friends like or whether or not they think what you like is cool or not. I really don’t know what else to say at this point except that the JM Fam lost a family member. A JM Daughter. She should not be forgotten.

Thank you - Jason

  • Track: I Will Be Found (Lost At Sea)
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  • Album: Paradise Valley
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