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John Mayer instagram post 7/18/14

John Mayer | Quiet

First time I have ever posted this song and now I know why. I can relate to most of his songs and as the timeline of his catalog ages, the parallel continues. This song however, has always escaped me. I mean I always knew what it meant, thinking of nothing else but her at night that you can’t sleep from the quiet that forces nothing else and then the only relief are the noises that start up in the morning light. I get that. I always knew what it meant but never felt it until now. People will come in to your life and effect you this way sometimes. Sometimes they leave just as fast. And the thoughts that you are left with in the “quiet” are: If they ever even looked back. If they want to look back. If they even know what they left behind.  ”The world awakes and now I’m saved.” Check. My point is, it’s funny sometimes how an older song can have such a new meaning. 

  • Track: Quiet
  • Artist: John Mayer
  • Album: AS/IS Volume 7
  • Plays: 118
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In Repair ~ John Mayer live at Webster Hall

So I got nostalgic and watched back on all the vids from that show.

This performance is a show of all the reasons why everybody should love this man’s music and performance.

At about 6:00, the trifecta of when John, the band, and the audience just become one big almost uncontainable ball of energy. Amazing thing to behold.